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Cristo Rey Baton Rouge Franciscan High School will prepare students to be morally responsible leaders who are college bound and career inspired. Our faculty and staff will provide a solid classroom structure while encouraging the students’ efforts to change the trajectories of their own lives and reach their full potential. Coupled with this rigorous curriculum, our Corporate Work Study Program offers challenging, yet practical, work experience for every young man and young woman.
Through your generous support, Cristo Rey Baton Rouge will advance its mission to provide students with a college preparatory education, valuable work experience, and the foundation to be men and women who work, learn, lead and succeed.

Scholarship Program

Our students work five days per month and contribute their earnings to the cost of their education. Partner with them by pledging to cover the remaining portion of their education.

Job Sponsorship

As part of its responsibility to the community, Cristo Rey Baton Rouge places students in jobs at many non-profits at no cost to that organization. Donors can make a gift to cover the tuition that the students would normally earn if working for a paying company.


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