Job Training

Before Cristo Rey students join the corporate world, they receive training for their entry-level corporate positions during the summer preceding the start of the school year. All students must complete this training to be officially accepted into a Cristo Rey school.

Students take courses in 7 Habits for Highly Successful Teens, computer literacy, and remedial math and English. In addition, courses are offered to develop the students’ soft skills, such as proper workplace conduct, business-like greetings such as shaking hands & making eye contact, and phone etiquette. Courses are also offered to develop and refine the students’ technical and computer skills.
Nationally-recognized business consultants, adjunct college professors, supervisors of students on the job, and the Corporate Work Study Program staff teach these work study specific classes. During their training, students also undertake team building activities. Their training culminates with a formal graduation ceremony celebrating the success of the students and their official acceptance to Cristo Rey.
At the end of their training, students will be equipped to:

• perform basic office duties including filing, faxing, copying, and inter-office mail processing tasks

• navigate successfully around, greet and converse with adults in the workplace

• become proactive at work

• have a well-developed understanding of Microsoft Office Suite functions and capabilities

• receive and record phone messages in a professional manner

• successfully matriculate in an entry-level position in a corporate business environment

 Just as important, students will grow in their confidence and faith and see the potential opportunities that exist for them in the workplace. This, in tandem with their college preparatory education, prepares them to achieve their goals by emulating their supervisors and mentors.

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