The Cristo Rey curriculum is designed and taught to prepare students for success in college. The faculty works closely with each student to help them develop a skill set that focuses on effective communication, complex reasoning, precision and accuracy, persistence, teamwork and collaboration, initiative and self-direction, and productivity and accountability.
Through the use of standards that prepare students for college-level courses, effective teaching styles that make learning engaging and possible, and instruction that is informed by routine classroom assessments, Cristo Rey schools maximize the academic achievements of their students.
The ultimate goal of a Cristo Rey education is that students will graduate from both high school and college. During their four years of high school, they will gain a deep understanding of both themselves and the world around them. They will be prepared to think and act for themselves and graduate knowing that they have both the responsibility to fight for justice in our world and the tools needed to begin that work.

Cristo Rey students will have earned at least 24 credits by graduation:

• 4 units of English Language Arts
• 4 units of Mathematics
• 4 units of Science
• 3 units of Social Studies
• 3 units of World Languages
• 4 units of Religious Studies
• 2 additional units of either: physical education, technology, senior project, visual or performing arts, or other academic disciplines

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