College Preparatory Coursework

Cristo Rey students engage in coursework designed to prepare them for success in college. Core subjects – reading, writing, science, mathematics, social studies, theology, foreign languages, and the arts – provide the foundation for our college preparatory education.

The Cristo Rey academic program also emphasizes thinking strategies, personal responsibility, and lifelong learning behaviors necessary for success in both the classroom and the workplace.

At Cristo Rey Baton Rouge, our academic program will pave the way to college. Our goal is that 100% of our graduates will be accepted into college. We will have a rigorous and balanced curriculum that will include AP and honors courses. 
From the moment an interested applicant becomes a Cristo Rey Baton Rouge student, we will work toward his or her success. Our freshmen will participate in a summer bridge program to prepare them for our academics. In addition, we will offer mentoring and other support for students who may find certain subject matter to be challenging.
Our students will participate in service to our Baton Rouge community.  In all ways, we will nurture our students to be men and women in service to others through academic achievement, business experience, faith formation, and civic leadership.

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