Faculty and Staff


President:  Eric Engemann

Vice President for Community Engagement: Carissa Graves

Principal: Claire Willis

Assistant Principal: Dr. Aleisha Clarkston

Mission Advancement: Katie Tasman

Director of Admissions: Erica Walker

Admissions Coordinator: Beatrice Howard

College Counselor: Mary Kathryn Wendt

Alumni Counselor: Brooke Duncan

Corporate Work Study Program Director of Operations: Elizabeth Jones

Senior Program Manager, Corporate Work Study Program: Waitari Marsh

Program Manager, Corporate Work Study Program: Sarah Thanni

Office Manager: Amy Rispone

Receptionist: Maria Gonzales

Maintenance Director: Shedrick Lavigne


Campus Minister: Justin Kennedy

History: Jada Cain

Counselor: Amanda Cloyd 

Spanish: James Collins

English: Rebecca Fresina

English: Joy Holden 

Religion: April Reed

History: Zanetta Trahan

Business Literacy: Casey Cantrelle

Math: Deonte Green

Religion/PE: Ross Holden

Math: Cecile Morgan

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